SALTMED 2015- An Integrated Management Tool for Water, Crop, Soil and N-Fertilizers

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Dr. R. Ragab has developed a very useful tool which helps in agriculture resources management as well as in predicting the impact of future climate change on food production and on the environment. The model has been supported by SALTMED, SAFIR, SWUP-MED and Water4Crops EU funded projects.

The SALTMED model has been developed as a generic model that can be used for a variety of irrigation systems, soil types, soil stratifications, crops and trees, water application strategies (deficit irrigation, Partial Root drying, PRD, subsurface), different nitrogen applications (fertigation, chemical or organic or crop residues incorporated in the soil) and different water qualities (fresh, wastewater, or saline, brackish, drainage water), drainage systems and shallow groundwater presence. The model can run simultaneously with up to 20 different fields or treatments and produces daily output files and figures. The daily output includes: soil moisture salinity and nitrogen profiles, plant water uptake/transpiration, soil evaporation, crop water requirement, nitrate and salinity leaching, nitrogen dynamics (mineralization, nitrification, denitrification), nitrogen uptake , Relative yield, dry matter and yield and groundwater level. The model has a database for soils and crops parameters and is friendly and easy to use.

It is compatible with all Windows operation systems (Windows xp, Windows 7 , Windows Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8, computers with 32 and 64 bits system). It has example files and user guide to help the beginners as well as a document with all the processes, equations and examples of field tests, instruction on how to install the model, trouble shooting help and a folder contains some publications. The reader is advised to read “Read me file” before installing the software and follow the installation procedure given in the User Guide.

Download the model and its documents

Contact: Dr. R. Ragab
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, CEH
Wallingford, OX10 8BB, UK
E mail: |

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