Consortium approach

The Water4Crops consortium partners have a common mandate to find solutions for emerging water and related problems for achieving sustainable development in Europe and India. The consortium is designated to satisfy all the project objectives, permitting to treat and reuse wastewaters for non-potable uses. The consortium is a conglomeration of public research institutes, private non government research institutes, universities, private industries both large and small, and consulting firms from Europe and India thus forming a perfect example for international public private partnership.

The wastewater treatment protocols will be developed and assessed according to defined needs of local communities, to make them suitable for immediate agro-industrial exploitation at the end of the 4-years Water4Crops project.

EU Consortium

Water4Crops-EU includes 22 partners uniformly-distributed from a geographical point of view. The EU Consortium includes different organisation types, namely: 5 Universities (FHNW, UNIBO, TUC, UNICT, UNIRM), 8 Research Institutes (IRSA, NERC, VITO, UFZ, IRSTEA-CEMAGREF, INRA, ALTERRA, CER), 4 (agro) industrial companies (SIMA-TEC, BIONACTIS, PHYTOREM, VITA 34 AG), 3 spin off/out companies (INOFEA, HORTA, ENVIHEALTH) and 2 consultant companies (GIZ, STEP).

The EU consortium comprises the following complementary competences and expertises integrated in the consortium:

  • The development of wastewater treatment processes dedicated to the valorisation of its organic matter (VITO, UNIBO, IRSA, TUC, UNICT, FHNW, UNIRM);
  • Irrigation management, adaptation of crop to drought and to saline water and treated effluents (NERC, CER, IRSTEA-CEMAGREF, UNIBO, INRA, IRSA, UFZ);
  • Integrated Water Resources Management and Green Economy development (ALTERRA, GIZ, IRSA)
Indian consortium

The Water4Crops Indian consortium is unique in its composition. It brings together 12 organizations of different types – 6 research institutes (ICRISAT, TERI, NEERI, MSSRF, UASD & UASB), 5 industries (SAB Miller, Jain Irrigations, Ion Exchange & L&T) and one consultancy company (EIRC).

National research institutes like The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), who are the pioneer institutes of industrial wastewater research, will be engaged in finding solutions for reusing wastewater in different sectors. On field research institutes, along with the strategic research on water use efficiency, International Crops research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad (UASD), and Bangalore (UASB) are involved for conducting the research on water and crop management aspects. For dissemination, coordination and management, Euro-India Research Center (EIRC) and ICRISAT have vast experience. Industry partners of Water4Crops India consortium include – SAB Miller, Ugar Sugar, ION Exchange, Larsen & Toubro who will work towards developing and demonstrating integrated treatment processes for bio-refinery effluents. Another industry JISL will be involved in agricultural and water management activities including bioremediation of degraded wasteland (due to untreated wastewater irrigation) and bio-treatment of municipal wastewater for reuse in agriculture. MSSRF will develop water efficient crop variety for selected crops and on integrated mangrove-fishery farming system to optimise use of saline wastewater.