Water4crops-India- Annual Review and Planning Meeting, 28-30 September at MSSRF, Chennai

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Water4crops-India is organising its “2nd Annual Review and Planning Meeting” for the India sub component from 28-30 September at MSSRF, Chennai.  The consortium, which comprises 14 Indian partners under the coordination of Dr. Suhas P Wani, ICRISAT, will present the most recent developments and activities performed during the last years. The partners will be encouraged to exchange and analyse information on current progress of the project and future plans will be made to increase the mutual integration within W4Cs‐EU and with W4Cs‐Indian consortiums.

Within the framework of Water4crops Annual Review and Planning Meeting, the project is also organizing its 2nd Indian Innovation Platform Meeting on 29th September 2015. W4Cs INNOVA platform meetings aim to support partners in the development of innovative technologies that meet a real demand by bringing together experts and stakeholders in the fields of technology production, technology use, marketing and policies.

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    1. It should never be false to say that India has an absolute water scarcity, So feeding water to such high population has always been a huge challenge for the government here in India,
      government has been tried many things in methods so far in order to help the people with water, meanwhile many other private organizations too have been in action, working in collaboration with the government to help the people… 2nd Annual Review and Planning Meeting is also such an event that is out for the betterment of the people..

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