Deliverables – EU

Deliverable D1.1: Report on the optimized VFA production from BRWs

Deliverable D2.2 Report on analytical microbial determination in Project samples

Deliverable D2.3: Report on the validation of pilot-SBBGR for wastewater treatment and reuse

Deliverable D2.4: Report on pilot-scale (400 L MBR) treatment

Deliverable D2.5: Report on the validation of wastewater treatment and reuse at pilot scale.

Deliverable D2.6: Report on CW optimized design & operation to remove heavy metals

Deliverable D2.7 Report on improved hygienization of CW

Deliverable D2.8: Report on N removal processes in the CW anoxic regions

Deliverable D2.9: Report on investigation of CW hydraulics and hydrology – ET issues

Deliverable D2.10: Report on SMEs Innovation in CW design

Deliverable D3.1: Decision Support System (DSS) to help farmers to select the most suitable irrigation system to suit their local crops and soils

Deliverable D3.2: Improved irrigation systems selection and maintenance methods to achieve higher water use efficiency and water savings

Deliverable D3.3: Selection of the most efficient irrigation scheme

Deliverable D3.4: Model to predict the impact of the different management (water, land, crops and fertilizers) on yield, soil; moisture, salinity, nitrogen, ground water quality and levels, nitrogen leaching, dry matter production and final harvested yield

Deliverable D3.5: Improvement of water use efficiency at basin scale

Deliverable D3.6: Determination of the crop water requirement using new technologies

Deliverable D3.7: New models to simulate water flux in drippers accounting for particles transport and deposit and biofilm development

Deliverable 4.1: Molecular markers (SNPs) for marker-assisted selection for root architecture traits in maize and tomato

Deliverable 4.2: Information on different root architectures (brace and seminal roots) on maize WUE and yield stability

Deliverable 4.3: Collection of segmental isolines useful for cloning a QTL for seminal roots in maize

Deliverable D4.4: Sugar accumulation as a drought resistance mechanisms: New insights into sugar accumulation as a drought resistance mechanisms

Deliverable D4.5: Models for maize, sorghum and millet growth and production under different water regimes and climatic scenarios

Deliverable 4.6: Training of 6 young scientists in crop management and molecular breeding

Deliverable D5.3: Short report summarizing knowledge gaps and training needs

Deliverable D5.4: Synthesis and experience gained

Deliverable D6.2(1st): Webpage and Public Dissemination material

Deliverable D6.2 (2nd): Webpage and Public Dissemination material

Deliverable D6.3: Report on training/hands on experience workshop including online distant learning

Deliverable D7.3: Set up and management of the project web site