IHMS-Integrated Hydrological Modelling System by Dr. R. Ragab, CEH, UK

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A newly Integrated Hydrological Modelling System (IHMS) has been developed to study the impact of changes in climate, land use and water management on groundwater and seawater intrusion (SWI) into coastal areas. The system represents the combination of three models, which can, if required, be run separately. It has been designed to assess the combined impact of climate, land use and groundwater abstraction changes on river, drainage and groundwater flows, groundwater levels and, where appropriate, SWI. The approach is interdisciplinary and reflects an integrated water management approach. The system comprises three packages: the Distributed Catchment Scale Model (DiCaSM), MODFLOW (96 and 2000) and SWI models.

In addition to estimating all water balance components, DiCaSM, produces the recharge data that are used as input to the groundwater flow model of the US Geological Survey, MODFLOW. The latter subsequently generates the head distribution and groundwater flows that are used as input to the SWI model, SWI. Thus, any changes in land use, rainfall, water management, abstraction, etc. at the surface are first handled by DiCaSM, then by MODFLOW and finally by the SWI. The three models operate at different spatial and temporal scales and a facility (interface utilities between models) to aggregate/disaggregate input/output data to meet a desired spatial and temporal scale was developed allowing smooth and easy communication between the three models.

Download the software and its related documents. The reader is advised to read “Read me file” before installing the software and follow the installation procedure given in the User Guide.

Contact: Dr. R. Ragab
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, CEH
Wallingford, OX10 8BB, UK
E mail: rag@ceh.ac.uk | ragabpersonal@yahoo.co.uk

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