Water4Crops-India: First Project Review and Planning Meeting, 27th – 29th May 2014 @ Bengaluru, India

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Water4crops-India organized the first Indian Project Review and Planning Meeting in Bengaluru, India from 27th -29th May 2014. The meeting was attended by DBT Official and Professor Emeritus, Dr. C. R Babu and Mr. Kaushik Mukherjee, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka followed by Indian consortium partners and 6 delegations from Europe representing the consortium of W4Cs‐EU. Both the Coordinators, Dr. Suhas.P.Wani from India and Dr. Antonio Lopez from Europe presented the overview of first year activities of water4crops project. Prof. Babu closely reviewed the project activities and constantly gave his expert advice to enhance the research work and interactions between the EU and Indian W4Cs partners. While, Mr. Mukherjee emphasized the importance of technology transfer and policy regulations within India and Europe. The main objectives of the presentations gave an exhaustive picture of the activities performed and the future plans were made to increase the mutual integration and cooperation within W4Cs‐EU and with W4Cs‐India. Download agenda

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