Water4Crops Workshop on SALTMED Management Tool on 29th May 2014 @ Bengaluru, India

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SALTMED Management Tool

SALTMED Management Tool

Within the frame of Water4Crops project meeting, organized by ICRISAT, the SALTMED Workshop was successfully carried out with 22 participants on May 29th 2014 at the Capitol Hotel in Bengaluru, India. Dr. Ragab Ragab, CEH Wellington who is the developer of the SALTMED model, gave an overview about his model and instructions for installing the SALTMED software program on the laptops of the participants. In the first part of the workshop Dr. Ragab explained the theoretical background of the SALTMED model indicating the range of its application area and its limitations. A special part of the workshop was dedicated to working with the SALTMED model in the afternoon session. This workshop was organized within the dissemination of the Water4Crops project, by S.T.E.P. in collaboration with CEH, EIRC, ICRISAT and GIZ India. It was therefore well adopted for a sustainable capacity building within the Water4Crops project. Download SALTMED workshop flyer for more information

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